How to Change Your Computers User Account Picture Article

Use the second technique if you’re using a personal account. If you have a Microsoft account, use the first approach. On the bottom right corner ,there is a battery icon.

If you’d rather be a little more precise with your screenshots, Windows 10 has a couple tools that can help you. You can even paste your recent screen capture on some applications for a smoother workflow. There’s a shortcut to taking a screenshot of an active window.

Free and powerful screenshot-grabbing program

That’s all for the detailed steps to screen record with sound on PC & Mac. If you find this post helpful, do share it with others. Not only can you record videos in HD Driversol., but you also have an array of handy editing tools to make your videos easier to follow and more engaging. Next, scroll through the settings menu that pops up, and select Game Onlyunder the Audio to record section.

  • With state-of-the-art technology, your entire business will be at your fingertips.
  • In fact, there is no need to start the Game bar at all; you can just use the keyboard shortcut to begin recording screen action.
  • The trial version only allows for 5 minutes of uninterrupted recording, which is enough to try the app out and consider creating a dedicated account.

Whichever software you choose, video recording software is a must if you are a teacher/educator, game player, or blogger. Writing a review or putting together a list of instructions can only take you so far. Adding professional-looking video to your blog post, tutorial, or review is sure to increase your viewers’ engagement. Apowersoft’s screen recorder is web-based, so you don’t have to download anything.

Enable Background Recording

It is much preferred by hardcore gamers for broadcasting their live gameplay footage. Using OBS Studio, you can capture not only the entire display or a window but also from webcam and microphone. When it comes to streaming, the program lets you select which desktop applications and audio sources to be shared, as well as create layered videos for webcam. You didn’t know that Windows 10 could record videos of on-screen activity? The screen recorder is built into the Game bar and you may well not have seen it. If you’ve ever wondered how to make video of what you’re doing in Windows, this is precisely the utility you need.

Create videos on the go

If you already see the Bluetooth tile, you can skip to the next step. Windows 11 isn’t quite generally available yet, but when it is, you’ll need to know how to enable Bluetooth on Windows 11. Don’t worry too much, though, as the process is very easy.

Make sure to play around with the recording options because that’s what decides how the overall output quality is going to be. Make sure to enable in-game replay because that’s how you control the application. Follow the same instruction from Step 7 and add Audio Input Capture which records audio. Add Audio Output Capture to record desktop audio. I mentioned all options available in the + button and improve the recording sequences.

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